Changing the rules at Scottish Courts

This is probably the biggest and longest running single project I’ve ever undertaken at Sun, and it was enough to convince me that I would prefer shorter “flog-it and leg-it” projects in future. DEC (remember them?) gone a long way with the customer, and a fully functional VMS/Oracle proof of concept implementation was in place, complete with VT100 screen dumps and hundreds of DCL scripts. It also made extensive use of VMS batch queues and print spooling. Somehow we won the business, and my job was to architect the final implementation on SunOS/Oracle. My solution was to convert all the DCL to Bourne Shell, and to write my own batch/print queueing system (which was network extensible with NFS … Sun Grid Engine eat your heart out!) plus tape management system. The system went live in over 50 sheriffs’ courts (some with just a single SPARCserver 1, but larger sites having a Sun 4/330 server and multiple SPARCserver 1 clients). This was my first exposure to Oracle and SQL*NET. I have no idea if or when the system was replaced (except that I was asked to advise on the Solaris 2 port a few year later).

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