Introducing Phil Harman …

Phil is an independent systems performance practitioner with extensive experience in enterprise-grade, large-scale, high-thoughput, low-latency environments. Twenty years at Sun Microsystems established him in systems engineering, technical marketing, performance benchmarking, kernel development, public speaking, escalation resolution, thought leadership, inventing and mentoring.

Although Phil specialises in Oracle Solaris and SPARC, his holistic “old-school” computer science approach is regularly applied to Windows, Linux, Illumos, FreeBSD and MacOS scenarios to great effect. If your system is slow, and there are things that can be measured and tuned, Phil can help.

The following is a selection of products and technologies that Phil has had significant recent engagement with. This is an incomplete lit, but is unashamedly included with the aim of increasing click traffic and starting conversations

  • ZFS (all platforms), DTrace (all platforms), Zones (all platforms)
  • Oracle Solaris 11.4, Illumos (OmniOS, SmartOS, Nexenta)
  • MacOS 10.14, FreeBSD 11.x, Linux (Debian 9, Ubuntu 19, CentOS 7), Windows
  • Oracle VM (Zones, VirtualBox, LDoms), VMware (ESXi, Fusion), KVM
  • Oracle SPARC T5, M6, S7, T8; Supermicro; Dell; etc
  • IIS, Apache Tomcat, Apache Web Server, Cygwin
  • High-Availability (RSF/1, DRBD), Zabbix, HP LoadRunner
  • Oracle RDBMS, Rocket UniVerse, MySQL
  • SSD-only ZFS, 12Gbps SAS, 10Gbps Ethernet, IB
  • HP 3PAR, EMC VNX, DELL Compellent

In a addition to a few large customers, Phil has a growing number of clients who pay a modest quarterly retainer for ongoing support with home-grown ZFS storage appliances. He is also very interested to hear from anyone interested in exploring the benefits of Rocket UniVerse on ZFS (which really are too good to miss).

If any of the above are of interest, or you need help in an emergency, or have a specific project in mind, or require some tailored training, or are seeking an ongoing consulting relationship with a knowledgable and friendly trusted advisor, please send email to phil dot harman at harmanholistix dot com.

Phil’s LinkedIn Profile contains many recommendations and endorsements from customers and colleagues past and present. His blog includes an archive of my Sun blog, but Phil is too busy doing other things for paying customers to give much away for free.