Job rotations

An invaluable part of my personal development at Sun has been the SE Job Rotation programme, which was run by Barabara Hill (or “Mom” as she was affectionately known by many of us “on rotation”) …

  • Siebel scalability and load balancing (MDE, 2 weeks)
  • Oracle 7 on Solaris x86 and Windows NT (OPG, 2 weeks)
  • BaaN scalability (MDE, 9 weeks)
  • Many users project (PAE, 4 weeks)

These job rotations gave me the opportunity to learn alongside thought leaders such as Adrian Cockcroft, Allan Packer, Bob Larson, Brian Wong, Dan Powers, Jim Mauro, Mike Briggs and Richard McDougall. They also gave me my first real contact with Solaris engineering, and paved the way for some of the jobs I’ve moved through over the years.

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