The WOT (Wall Of Terminals)

The Wall Of Terminals was a high-tech response to something a competitor was doing in their benchmarking centre with 50 dumb terminals, namely showing the state of simulated users during large scale multiuser testing.

My design consisted of the following hardware:

  • a custom built piece of furniture
  • six dual-headed SPARCstation 5 workstations
  • two triple-headed SPARCstation 10 workstations
  • eighteen premium 21 inch Sun monitors

and the following software:

    • scripts for building cloned diskless boot environments for the eight workstations
    • a CDE application which multiplexed up to 48 DtTerm widgets in one window
    • a multithreaded application routing up to 864 pseudo terminals across 18 instances of the above
    • a Java applet to reconfigure the number of DtTerm widgets displayed on the fly, and to select one to zoom

The WOT was instrumental in winning a huge MRP deal in the aerospace industry, but also proved very useful as a collection of eighteen X11 screen for displaying just about any benchmark data. My WOT also won an innovation award at the second Sun Technical Symposium in San Francisco.

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