SUPerG, Oracle World, Sun Tech Days, JavaU, CEC, Developer Days, OSUGs, etc

Since my initial “baptism of fire” at the Sun UK User Group / UKUUG meeting all those years ago (see below) I have really gotten into this presenting thing, and to audiences both large and small, internal and external. Here’s some of my more outrageously well received subject matter …

  • Solaris: where innovation happens (my current pitch – see above)
  • Solaris: greater than the sum of its parts
  • DTrace for Dummies (a comedy double act with Jon Haslam)
  • libMicro: we scare because we care
  • A Brief History of Threads (underlining Sun’s leadership in multithreading)
  • Solaris 7: sixty-four reasons to upgrade (that’s bits, stupid!)

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