Going out on a high note

Yes, I know it’s hardly fair (posting so many entries in such a short time), but I don’t think I’ve ever made it into the “Popular Blogs” roll of honour before. Last time I looked I was 13th, with gazillions of hits. How nice to go out on a high note!

One thought on “Going out on a high note

  1. People leave, its just fact. With Phil it is quite different. A large part of the reason I work for Sun is down to Phil [ yes, it is his fault folks ]. Both having a Aberystwyth background (he was a student, I worked there, but at different times). We started talking at events like the UKUUG/SUNUG meetings 18 years or so ago and it convinced me that Sun and its people, I wanted to be part of that party. In later years, we shared the same approach to holistic performance analysis, so it is with a heavy heart I say "Good Friend or no good friend, good riddance, more of the horrible, nasty, complex performance situations Phil got dropped into will be all mine". Problem is, when I need to bounce ideas around, I have one less peer to call who talks some sense.

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